Over the summer, I went to lunch with my mother a few times. Almost always Chinese food. That boggles my mind--when I was growing up, she flat refused to ever eat Chinese food. I don't know what happened.

Once, as we argued over the check, we cracked open our fortune cookies. Hers was something appropriately fortune-like.

Mine said "You will be successful."

I thought I was. Well, am. Anyway, I didn't think it was a "future" event. I mean, yes, I'd like to be successful in my future (in those things that are important to me), but I'd like for it to be a continuation of my current success. Not something new that I haven't experienced before.

Success is a personal thing, for me. A very large part of me doesn't care one bit if anyone else ever notices it. I don't need someone praising me for all I've done/accomplished.

That doesn't mean I don't want it now and again. There's a part of me (like in every human) that wants everyone to see it and acknowledge it. I want someone tell me they're proud of me, that whatever wonderful thing I've been granted is "great." There's nothing wrong with that.

I put my whole self into the things I do, and I like that be noticed sometimes. I guess, for as self-sufficient as I like to think I am (success-wise, at least), I'm not. That's okay, though. Humans weren't meant to do it all on their own, were they?

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5 Response to "Anti-wisdom"

  1. GreenishLady says:
    Sep 3, 2006, 11:53:00 AM

    You're so right! We may not need to be validated by others, but it's really nice when it happens - when someone says Great job! or Well done! It's wonderful that you are not looking just to the future, but valuing the successes you have in your life right now, too.

  2. paris parfait says:
    Sep 3, 2006, 12:45:00 PM

    Definitely not - we have to cheer each other along! Otherwise, how would anybody have the confidence and self-esteem to attempt - much less accomplish anything? Nice post.

  3. DonPare says:
    Sep 3, 2006, 5:44:00 PM

    I think that the ones that don't need success are the ones that find it easier...
    So, who paid for the bill?? :)

  4. Giggles says:
    Sep 3, 2006, 11:00:00 PM

    Absolutely right! Everyone needs support and yet success does begin within! Nice post....who did pay the bill?.....did you have success at that?

    Peace and giggles Sherrie

  5. Jayne says:
    Sep 3, 2006, 11:08:00 PM

    To answer donpare and giggles...

    I successfully maneuvered the bill to my mother's hands. The real argument tends to be when she's gonna just go ahead and pay. *grin*

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