THIS is what happens when science goes too far

Genetically engineered grass found in wild - Environment -

I mean, really people. I understand why someone would develop this. Honestly, I get it--green caretakers have a huge responsibility, in keeping the place looking nice and protecting...well, the green. And we should make it as easy as possible for them. Frankly, I think we're encouraging them to be soft--people in the same job a hundred years ago just pulled up those damn weeds by hand. Uphill both ways in the snow, y'know.

It seems that all (or nearly all) science has a downfall. And now we'll have herbicide-resistant weeds. Did no one see this coming? This is just like the dinosaurs changing sexes in Jurassic Park and breeding outside the lab. What was the line? "Life finds a way."

Well, maybe not that bad. But close. Who'd have thought we'd be over run by golf green grass?
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